Never Alone Initiative is a non-profit organization of compassionate individuals, we are dedicated to providing emotional and moral support, advice, and referral services to help the surviving spouses of military personnel and their families better manage their depression and start to begin returning to living a normal life.  We provide a welcoming and supportive community of survivors so that no one needs to feel alone.
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Become A Part of History With The Library Of Congress


Are you a Veteran, Gold Star Parent, Gold Star Sibling, Gold Star Adult Child? Share your story with Never Alone Initiative and help contribute to a national project to share and preserve the living history of our veterans.


Never Alone Initiative is collaborating with the Library of Congress with the Veterans History Project. The Project's mission is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war.


Never Alone Initiative is seeking military Veterans, Gold Star Parent, Gold Star Spouse, Gold Star Sibling, Gold Star Adult Child to share their personal accounts to be recorded for posterity as part of this project. Volunteers are also needed to conduct and record interviews.


What veterans are saying about the project:


"I am profoundly proud and honored that my story will be permanently archived in the Veterans History Project with the stories of tens of thousands of fellow American veterans who, as a matter of honor and duty, served their country in time of war.”

—Warren Tsuneishi, WWII Veteran


“I felt is was my duty to share my personal oral history with the Veterans History Project so that it could be added to the growing research collection at the Library of Congress and made available to current and future generations.”

—Wendy Taines, Persion Gulf War Veteran