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There's A Lot More to Life than Depression!

There’s A Lot More to Life than Depression!

There’s A Lot More to Life than Depression!

Losing your spouse in combat might tempt you to see that as an end to a constructive life.

It’s a temptation many depressed military spouses face. There’s a huge deal of emotional trauma that may cause you to lose all motivation in life. Any previous activities that you may have taken up may have been dropped as a result.

While losing your spouse can be a powerful demotivator, you don’t have to take that as the end of the road! It’s all a matter of perspective in the end!

You can either take your struggle as defeat, or use it to inspire future accomplishments!

There is no Taste to Life without Struggles.

Think of history’s greatest legends. Think of those individuals who gained fame for creating value in our communities. Did those people give us value without having to go through some sort of struggle?

Definitely not.

A lot of humanity’s heroes faced shattering struggles to change the world. Many who didn’t have struggles had to find them through daring life challenges. Their lives wouldn’t have been memorable otherwise.

You can re-frame your struggle and tragic story, to a heroic and life changing one. You don’t have to simply settle with coping and passing time as you suffer from depression. You can do a lot more with your struggles!

Dealing with Depression and Helping Others Too.

One of the best ways to provide value to the community is through recovering and leading. By this, we mean that you should strive to recover from a depression to a happier life. From there, you can take your struggles and inspire others to do the same!

Many people suffer from depression after all. It’s a common illness that is not spoken about much in today’s society.

You can choose to recover from depression, while mentoring others going through similar struggles. You can give others motivating speeches, coaching those who struggle into a happier life!

Refrain your struggles and turn them into something constructive. While losing a loved one is a curse at first, you can turn it into a blessing that helps humanity.

Doing so is a heroic feat that is only found in a few. After all, you have to conquer the temptation to play victim...

From Victim to Hero.

Recovering from depression and teaching others to recover requires a sense of responsibility. You have to take your life into your own hands. You have to own your emotions.

You see, recovering from depression is a long and difficult process. You have to come to terms with the fact that life has given you an unfair hand. There’s a great temptation to play the role of victim.

Of course, playing victim is a mistake most people do. Playing victim is an act that is hard to resist. It’s a tempting coping mechanism, but it’s a harmful pattern in the end.

We encourage you to break this pattern! We encourage you to heal and share, helping others too! We’d love you to be a hero that helps conquering collective depression!


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