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Unique Perspective on Depression in Men

Unique Perspective on Depression in Men

At one point in our lives, we’ve all experienced sadness and we’ve all been irritable. Such feelings can even deprive you of sleep. However, these negative emotions seldom lasts more than a few days, and before you know it you’re as good as new.

A person going through depression however, experiences these negative emotions for a long time. People suffering from depression often find it hard to cope with the regular everyday activities, and they end up losing interest in the things that previously made them happy.

It is important to note that, both genders experience depression differently.

  • Men suffering from depression are more prone to sadness, irritability and tiredness.

  • They’re also more likely to lose whatever interest they had in their family or hobbies and focus more on work.

  • Men who fail to seek treatment for their depression are likely to exhibit more anger, frustration and behave more violently compared to women in the same situation.

  • Men are also more prone to engage in risky behavior like driving recklessly and having unprotected sex.

  • Men typically find it harder to sleep when suffering from depression, compared to women in the same situation. However, the biggest difference between men and women suffering from depression is the fact that men hardly ever recognize or seek help when in such mental state. They’ll rather not talk about their feeling, which only worsens the situation.

People need to know that depression actually exists, but thankfully, it can be treated. No one is immune from this mental disorder and it can affect anybody regardless of age.

Depression differs from person to person, which means, your particular symptoms are actually unique to you as a person. For instance, while depression can make some people eat ravenously, others might not be so interested in food.

Some people might feel lethargic and lazy to get out of bed, and others might feel edgy and restless at all times. Some become prone to uncontrollable bouts of weeping, while others get easily triggered by the smallest things and react with aggression.

You don’t really know how you’ll react to certain things when you’re suffering from depression.

Below are some common symptoms of depression in men:

Altered sleeping habit: Change in sleep pattern is at the top of the list of the most popular signs of depression. While some men will find it difficult to get out of bed, others will find it difficult to sleep for even an hour.

Lack of interest: If you notice that you’re no longer interested in doing the things you used to love doing (like cooking, reading, watching movies, or hanging your with your kids), odds are that you’re going through depression.

Significant change in weight: Some people tend to eat excessively when depressed, while some people’s appetite diminishes causing them to lose interest in food completely.

Change in activities: Depression can slow you down; it might be your thought process or even your speech, while some people feel easily agitated and find it difficult to sit still.

Fatigue: You feel low on energy and lethargic at all times even when you’ve not done anything to induce tiredness. To compound matters, even a good night’s rest won’t rejuvenate you.

Lack of concentration: This is probably one of the biggest signs of depression. Most of the men suffering from this disorder find it difficult to make the simplest decisions.

Reckless behavior: Men suffering from depression find it difficult to acknowledge these feelings. They’ll rather mask it with recklessness. This can cause addiction to habits like gambling, drugs or alcohol.

Suicidal behavior: Suicidal behavior is a sign of severe depression in men. However, it is essential to note that suicide does not solve anything. If these thoughts ever pop into your head, you should seek professional help as soon as possible and lean on your loved ones.

Depression is a very serious mental condition that requires serious medical attention. The good news is that it is treatable. A lot of people eventually get relief and end up living happy lives, so don’t hesitate to get the requisite help if you ever find yourself in this condition.

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