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Dealing With Anxiety Attacks When Depressed

A lot of those who do not have depression tend to misunderstand it. Depression isn’t just a case where your spirits are low. It’s a situation where a vital aspect of your life has been shattered.

In the case of losing your spouse, it’s a shatter beyond complete repair. You can slowly recuperate, but that takes a lot of effort and support. With spousal loss, the symptoms of depressive states are more intense than normal.

One symptom of depression (especially long-term) would be anxiety attacks. Anxiety attacks differ in intensity from person to person, and they’re painful to experience. Anxiety attacks epitomize the powerlessness that comes with being depressed.

But that doesn’t mean we should give into that state of being! Anxiety attacks can be dealt with. In fact, a protocol for dealing with anxiety attacks should be a part of your recovery lifestyle…

Coping With Anxiety Attacks.

Learning to cope with anxiety means we need to understand their natures in depth. Anxiety attacks are up-rushes overwhelming unconscious fears with inhibiting effects on our bodies. This can range from shaky legs, to hyperventilation, and even uncontrollable crying.

Restraining anxiety attacks is always a difficult process. Thus, your primary method of coping in this case would be acceptance.

One of the worst things you can do when an anxiety attack hits is resist. Resistance adds to the panic you’ll feel. You feel even more panicked when you fail to resist and suppress the shakes!

Instead of resisting anxiety attacks, you should rest. Let the anxiety attacks diffuse as you relax yourself through the process.

This applies especially if the anxiety hits when you’re busy doing something. If you’re busy, drop what you’re doing, and relax.

You can do this by laying down, distracting yourself with something you enjoy. For example, if you’re suffering from an anxiety attack, you can lay in bed and switch on some music you like.

Of course, you don’t have to restrict yourself to music. It could be anything from hilarious YouTube videos, to a late night show.

Simply relax your body, give the anxiety space to diffuse, and distract yourself.

Positive Stimulus.

It’s hard for you to feel anxiety if you’re in an environment that’s organized and relaxing. A home that smells good, where there’s no mess, while having a lot of space is what you should seek out.

If possible, going through cleanup efforts often can be fun. Again, it can act as an excellent way of distracting yourself from negative thoughts.

Our environment after all can have a great impact on how we are shaped. Make sure you’re comfortable and cozy where you are. You’re less likely to have anxiety attacks that way. When they do hit, you’ll already be comfortable enough where the anxiety will be less intense.

Don’t Fight the Anxiety.

Anxiety attacks are usually signals that trigger when we’re over-stressed with negative thoughts. When an anxiety attack triggers, the effects are always destabilizing. The key to dealing with an anxiety attack is to accept it and prepare for it. Resisting the attacks do you no good!


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